Monday, December 15, 2008

just another day

sigh today i am not doing much. i already finished school. it is really hot in my house right now..... or maybe it is just me. anyway i had soooo much fun yesterday and Saturday my friends spent the night at my house Saturday and then we went to Church on Sunday morning. Saturday i went looking for peoples blogs that liked Hawk Nelson and that is how i found Seth's blog. By the way i really like it! So after we got home from church we texted a guy that likes my on my friend, Maggie's phone he is the same age as Seth, 14. my brother is over my shoulder and he gets on my nerves REALLY BAD. i have to go before i kill him


Angel Wings said...

why didn't you ask for your own phone for your birthday?

Kansas said...

i already have one i just cant text on it

Seth said...

okay, can we get this across that i don't exist? i tend to have to tell every new blog circle member.


oh, and i'm glad you like my blog!

here, check this out, it's even cooler:

Kansas said...

I know you are not real witch is REALLY freaky to see you tell me that soooo i pretend you are real so it is not so weird is that ok with you? good
oh yeah none of my other friend know that you are not real so they think there really is some really cute foster kid named Seth.

Seth said...

oh, well, that's comforting. :)

they probably wish they could adopt me. heh, "i'll take THAT ONE." *points at window in pet shop*

(you do know that that picture is not me right? good? good.)