Friday, October 10, 2008

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Homeschool is awsome!!!

right now it is 10:53 and i am done with all my school! So ha ha to all you people that are still in school. thank goodness it is Friday i cant wait tile Sunday cause i am going to the fair!! :-)


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poor puppy

I just found out that me neighbors puppy got hit in their drive way.
his name was Spiner. the person that hit him was turning into their drive way and his him because Mr. Jim locked him out of the yard. I am never speaking to him again.


hey guys!!

This is the first time i have ever blogged. I am now going to Rock Springs church in Millner.
I really miss all you guys!! :( I got a new dog!!!! her name is Bailey. Have ya'll been to the fair this week? i am going Sunday and i am sooo excited!
well i got to go.
love you guys!

Bye, Kansas